Thanks for visiting my web site.  I have a passion for photography and particularly for taking photos of people.

My strengths are putting people at ease, bringing joy to a photoshoot, and capturing engaging moments that tell the story of each unique person.

I have been honored to photograph over forty weddings, hundreds of photoshoots, and always cherish this awesome opportunity to capture such special moments.  My portfolio also includes photography from corporate, school, and church events, as well as individual, couples, family, and group portraiture, and the special moments from everyday life.

I look forward to chatting with you about how I can help you to tell your story. Please use the contact form below to reach me if you’d like to inquire about my services and prices. . — Sue


You did an amazing job!!! We are so excited about the photos…and you were a true pleasure to work with!” – Kami

Your photos are in a class of their own. You captured the joy at the party to perfection. Such warmth, such clarity, wonderful color, beautiful framing and focus on the subject of the photos with just the perfect blurred backgrounds. Amazing!” – Ken

We are blessed to have you work your magic with our daughter. We are thrilled and in awe of your shots.” – Ruben

You are amazing. You have touched my life so greatly, and your talent here makes me look way better!” – Cate

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